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About Me

Welcome to my site. My name is Susan Tobelman. I custom design jewelry that is affordable and unique. My creations are designed and handmade by me using quality semi-precious gemstones, Fine Silver, Sterling Silver, Copper, and Bronze metal clays. I do not mass produce my creations. I am very detailed oriented in my designs and strive to work in harmony with the natural energies found in the stones and metals that make up my designs.

Custom orders are my specialty. I work closely with my customers to create a piece that will reflect their unique style. 

I have been designing jewelry for eight years. I never knew I had this talent until I was forced to stop working a "regular" job due to disability. Sheer boredom drove me to tap into my creative side and jewelry making became my new passion. 

I would be honored to create a piece of jewelry that will bring you joy!

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