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You know how those folks from Louisiana like to put babies in their cakes? They also put charms in their  cakes. They call them Cake Pulls. This is an old tradition taken from Victorian times. Originally it was a charm attached to a piece of ribbon and put in the wedding cake prior to icing. Each charm holds a special meaning or wish for the person receiving it. Prior to cutting the cake, the bridesmaids or special friends, gather around the cake with the bride and take turns pulling their ribbon from the cake to reveal the charm chosen for them.

I offer cake pulls in the form of bracelets. I will match your color scheme with your beads of  choice.  Pictured here with champagne colored Swarovski Crystals, Pearls, and a Street Car charm.

Wedding Cake Pulls

The perfect gift or token for the ladies who make your day so special! 

handmade swarovski crystal and pearl cake pull
handmade cake pull new orleans tradition wedding
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These Lentil Beads are perfect for preserving human and animal ashes. The hollow bead, once kiln fired, forms a seal that permanently seals two domes of silver together 

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